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US-2012031236-A1: Method and installation for producing direct reduced iron patent, US-2012076401-A1: Image classification employing image vectors compressed using vector quantization patent, US-2012302814-A1: Stacking Apparatus and Method of Stacking patent, US-2013042949-A1: Method of manufacturing soft-dilute-copper-alloy-material patent, US-2013079009-A1: Dynamic Frerquency Refarming patent, US-2013088616-A1: Image Metadata Control Based on Privacy Rules patent, US-2013181303-A1: Die attach stress isolation patent, US-2013183886-A1: Polishing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device employing this polishing apparatus, and semiconductor device manufactured by this method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2014035157-A1: Semiconductor package, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor package manufacturing mold patent, US-2014298771-A1: Gas turbine exhaust diffuser patent, US-2014318825-A1: Optical fiber-fine wire conductor and connectors patent, US-2015053400-A1: Apparatus and method for mixing fluids patent, US-2010235872-A1: Video quality and audio quality adjustment patent, US-2010238703-A1: Information recording/reproducing device patent, US-2010240940-A1: Method of providing heat for chemical conversion and a process and system employing the method for the production of olefin patent, US-2010247735-A1: Edible fat and oil compositions patent, US-2010253102-A1: Motor vehicle front face with a cross member level with the main longitudinal members patent, US-2010325407-A1: Electronic Digital Device patent, US-2011073833-A1: Resistance memory element and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2011107754-A1: Hydraulic hybrid transmission retard device patent, US-2011116581-A1: Communication system, reception device, and communication method patent, US-2011226421-A1: Plasma processing apparatus patent, US-2012007996-A1: Method and Apparatus for Imaging patent, US-2012061118-A1: Replaceable keypad bezel patent, US-2012319337-A1: Vibration isolation device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2013037059-A1: Means for improved liquid handling in a microplate patent, US-2013065187-A1: Metal powder ignition apparatus, metal powder ignition method, compact metal powder combustion apparatus and metal powder combustion method using water plasma patent, US-2014007470-A1: Fabric Ironing Apparatus patent, US-2014224809-A1: Core Structured Components, Containers, and Methods of Casting patent, US-2015021395-A1: Thin mount rfid tagging systems patent, US-2010329349-A1: Efficient use of storage in encoding and decoding video data streams patent, US-2011052050-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium patent, US-2011081469-A1: Osmotic pump for forward osmosis devices patent, US-2011106668-A1: Payment application on client device patent, US-2011241600-A1: System and method for a self-charging battery cell patent, US-2011300312-A1: Nativity stable structure and kit for same patent, US-2012110346-A1: Storing data integrity information utilizing dispersed storage patent, US-2013081698-A1: Method of controlling water droplet movement using microfluidic device patent, US-2013156557-A1: Shaping apparatus and method of shaping a workpiece patent, US-2013285091-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2014150269-A1: Power Tool Including an Accessory patent, US-2015024033-A1: Method and system for synthesizing nanocarrier based long acting drug delivery system for buprenorphine patent, US-2010228758-A1: Digital living network alliance system and method for providing content therein patent, US-2010304412-A1: Methods for determining the risk of prenatal complications patent, US-2011197820-A1: Pet leash patent, US-2012072047-A1: Enhanced electronic assembly patent, US-2012211228-A1: Artificial Lift Modeling Methods and Systems patent, US-2012279388-A1: Sealing Ring, in Particular for a Hydraulic Piston Pump patent, US-2013255577-A1: Method and Apparatus for Generating High Current Negative Hydrogen ION Beam patent, US-2010155299-A1: Fluid catalytic cracking system and process patent, US-2010225106-A1: Multifunction fluid connector for automotive vehicle power system patent, US-2010261519-A1: Dynamic card system and method patent, US-2011007653-A1: Apparatus and method for receiving packet data on a subset of carrier frequencies in a wireless communication system patent, US-2011099828-A1: Compact tape measure patent, US-2012071814-A1: Barrier catheter patent, US-2012300593-A1: Receiver transducer for wireless power transfer patent, US-6073508-A: Column shift adapter patent, US-2013055711-A1: Method and system for a turbocharged engine patent, US-2014045415-A1: Cabin air compressor outlet duct patent, US-2014322254-A1: Polypeptide adjuvant patent, US-2010203885-A1: Method of Performing Cell Search for a Wireless Communications System patent, US-2013117111-A1: Commercialization opportunities for informational searching in a gesture-based user interface patent, US-2013228608-A1: Fastening tool assembly patent, US-2014255719-A1: Thermomechanical processing of high strength non-magnetic corrosion resistant material patent, US-2010241785-A1: Management of host physical memory allocation to virtual machines with a balloon application patent, US-2011016429-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer readable medium patent, US-2011123795-A1: Hybrid Silicon Wafer and Method for Manufacturing Same patent, US-2014023284-A1: Decoder performance through quantization control patent, US-2010235915-A1: Using host symptoms, host roles, and/or host reputation for detection of host infection patent, US-2010263106-A1: Foamed polymer patent, US-2011042914-A1: Upper Support Apparatus For a Vehicle Suspension patent, US-2011120688-A1: Aluminum Tube - Aluminum Fin Baseboard Radiator patent, US-2011197604-A1: Secondary loop cooling system having a bypass and a method for bypassing a reservoir in the system patent, US-2012305695-A1: Method and apparatus for installing a measuring tape patent, US-2014241734-A1: Light emitting device, manufacturing method thereof, and optical transceiver patent, US-2010145808-A1: Document imaging with targeted advertising based on document content analysis patent, US-2011015781-A1: Horizontal small packet dispenser patent, US-2011116109-A1: Restricting Printing patent, US-2012028352-A1: Microcarriers for Stem Cell Culture patent, US-2012082611-A1: System and method for ammonia synthesis patent, US-2013253248-A1: Method for isolation of nanomaterials patent, US-2015014996-A1: Energy plant and parts of an energy plant patent, US-2010307551-A1: Fabrication of high-temperature thermoelectric couple patent, US-2011158339-A1: Antenna diversity system with multiple tuner circuits having multiple operating modes and methods patent, US-2011185344-A1: Characterizing artificiality in object code patent, US-2011220197-A1: Photovoltaic device including flexible substrate and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012120599-A1: Apparatus and method for cooling a semiconductor device patent, US-2014026727-A1: Microtome having a piezoelectric linear actuator patent, US-2011261002-A1: Displaying images on solid surfaces patent, US-2012084276-A1: Providing associations between objects and individuals associated with relevant media items patent, US-2012097805-A1: Medical conduit organizer and methods for securing and organizing a plurality of medical conduits patent, US-2015016899-A1: Cutting insert patent, US-2010303910-A1: Topical skin care compositions patent, US-2011266756-A1: Damping sleeve patent, US-2012185327-A1: Method and system for determining overall content values for content elements in a web network and for optimizing internet traffic flow through the web network patent, US-2013340629-A1: Device for preparation of gelatin-based products patent, US-2010100193-A1: Patient matched hip system patent, US-2010322012-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and write method for the same patent, US-2013031326-A1: Devices, methods, and systems supporting on unit termination patent, US-2010221160-A1: Ceria-Zirconia-Zeolite Catalyst Body patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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